Career Decision Coaching Disclosure

Informed consent

My orientation

This session is based on the philosophy that if you identify and pursue what you really love doing, success will follow.

Contracted agreement

This session has one specific goal: to provide you with two ideal career paths. If we do not achieve this result, I will not charge you for the session.

In order to do this you need to cooperate with the process. There are situations that can arise in a session where a range of factors get in the way of this and produce 'resistance'. This is simply an indication that other things are needed before a career decision process can be successfully completed. If I judge this to be the case, at any point in the session, I will stop the career process and suggest alternatives. This may include offering to do therapy work with you, or referral to other sources of support. My experience is that pushing through resistance is never successful.

At the end of the session I will provide you with a summary of all the steps, including a comprehensive personal profile. In addition, I will provide you with an outline of a set of actions to take in order to manifest your ideal career paths.


I am trained in Gestalt therapy, am a member of EAGT (European Association of Gestalt Therapy) and accredited as a Career Counsellor with the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA). My highest academic qualification is a Masters in Mental Health. I have training and experience in family and couples therapy, and Family Constellations work.


I am committed to the professional code of ethics of the associations I belong to. The CDAA code of ethics can be looked up online here.

I hold myself accountable to this code, and if I unwittingly contravene it in some way that you are aware of, please tell me.


I am committed both personally and professionally to confidentiality: I respect your right to privacy. This is balanced by the rights of others and society in general. There are limits to confidentiality and certain situations where information must be disclosed by law. This includes:

If abuse or neglect of children or elders is suspected or present

If you are in real danger of significantly harming  yourself, other people or property.

If I am ordered to do so by the courts or by legal requirements

Clients under 18 cannot be assured of unconditional confidentiality from their parents

These situations are extremely rare, and breaking confidentiality will only occur after due consultation with senior colleagues and after informing you. In very exceptional cases it may not be possible to inform the client. These limits to confidentiality are based on the principle of doing the least harm.

I am in supervision, so your case may be discussed with a supervising professional. This person is also limited by professional confidentiality.

Session length

The career decision session runs for approximately 4 hours. The time may be slightly less or slightly more.

The fee for is fixed at $750, regardless of how long it runs for.

Fees and Payment

I do not extend credit. Sessions must be paid for on completion. Cash, cheque, credit card, direct debit or paypal is accepted (please note for paypal, you must elect to pay the paypal transfer charge).

Attendance and cancellation

24 hours notice for cancellation is required or a cancellation fee of $65 will be charged.


You can reach me in the following ways

Phone in Australia: (02) 8064 7431.

Phone in the USA: (323) 381 9810

Email: hello@qualityonlinetherapy.com

Intake form

Please fill in the intake form here to register as a client.

Why such a long disclosure?

My experience is that there are many important things to spell out before we start working together. I outline my expectations, and what I am available for. You need to know my expertise, and my limitations. The idea of this is a step towards 'informed consent'. This is for me about being upfront from the beginning; you know about how I work, and what I want from you in the process.

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