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Unresolved grief

Whether its recent or long ago, the experience of significant loss can feel devastating. Its not always so easy to let go and 'get over it'.


When habits spiral out of control, they can become unmanageable. Relationships, health and wellbeing can give way to negative cycles which are hard to step out of. Good intentions and willpower are not always enough.


Deeply painful or shocking experiences can overwhelm our capacity to cope. Sometimes its hard to recover, and bounce back. Sometimes the trauma lingers and continues to create pain.


Fear, panic, chronic tension and worry deplete energy and make life unpleasant. Sometimes this becomes so difficult that physical, mental and emotional health are affected for the worse. It can be hard to get out of this by yourself.


Feeling sad is a natural part of life. Feeling depressed is like falling in a ditch and not being able to get out. As well as sad feelings, there are often angry feelings as well which need to come out.

Relationship problems

Relationships can be a source of joy and support. But when they go wrong, they can cause deep pain. Sometimes the problems become deeply entrenched, and no matter what you do things don't seem to improve.

I can work with these, and many other issues that seem 'too difficult'

For examples of how I work, see my Gestalt Case Studies blog at wwww.stevevinaygestalt.blogspot.com

More reviews

How do people experience working with me?

I have known Steve for 18 years, experiencing him as Gestalt teacher and therapist. I have grown to have a great deal of respect for him and have always valued all that he strives for. He is a person of great integrity, intelligence, wisdom, energy, sincerity and care.

Added to this has always been a commitment to his own personal and professional growth, demonstrating itself in humility, confidence and determination. I have always felt that he has had my best interests at heart, which resulted in me being gently guided towards taking risks, in healing my past and leaping into my future.

The 'work' that I have done with Steve over the years has helped shape my life and the person I am today, which is greatly fulfilled and happy.

~ Jenny M - Therapist

Steve lives what he teaches. His authenticity, amongst others, is the quality I appreciate and admire the most in him. As a Gestalt Therapist, he is pretty much a gestalt himself. He is sharp at spotting the right 'figure', yet very much in the “allowing” state, and knows how to stop “pushing” when it is appropriate.

He is compassionate, yet has a healthy psychological boundary. He is authoritative, yet as warm and supportive as the Mother Earth. His authenticity and genuine sharing of his own complexity open up a safe and encouraging space for me to acknowledge and own the devil in me.

I’m still learning how to do it and a bunch of other things Steve has pointed out for me, but after seeing him for four months now, I am more capable of expressing myself, especially to authorities; I started to feel attracted to, and admire my husband for the first time in my life (Oh yeah, I’m not kidding!); and the period from one binge-eating to the next has been lengthened (my latest food-sober record was a month whereas previously it was only a week in the last 2 years.)

~ Maria C. - Translator

Gestalt Therapy with Steve Gunther gave me two focal insights in particular. One was how my energy moved between my ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ self, and the other how my physical body carried the demand I placed on myself as expectation.

One session I clearly remember was Steve helping me elicit an image of a ball and chain around my left leg (which was chronically arthritic). As I processed those feelings and felt images, I saw shifts including release of tension, emotionally and energetically, over the period. I am very grateful to Steve for his devotion and his art, and for his very astute processing skills. Good memories.

~ Bryant H - Natural therapist, Herbalist and Homeopath

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